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Thanks to everyone who came out for the Hotel Congress Music and Film Festival in Tucson on September 1st, 2007.

Doug Grant of Lownoise Records was kind enough to share some video footage he took of the show.
Many thanks to Doug.

We get so many questions on the website about the availability of the music recorded by the band and most of them are about our oldest album which we call the "white Dancer album" This was recorded in 1975 in a small studio in Tucson.

This album caught the attention of Capitol records and was ultimately rerecorded and significantly spiffed up. Many people missed the old version, or so I'm repeatedly reminded. The white Dancer album was recorded in 50 hours and was produced by Jim Bastin at a cost of about $3000 total if memory serves.

Both Jim and Milt Miller our drummer for the BMB have passed on and we want to make the album available for download for a brief period and dedicate it to these two great musicians. Our deep and sincere thanks to Douglas Grant and Lownoise Records for making this project possible with the excellent and tasteful CD mastering. Enjoy.

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